KOSHI-TANTAN 「ANIMAX 2010 Live ver. guitar cover」

Guitar: Shiroimamikasuta
Effects: Ibanez TS-9 Tubescreamer, Blackstar HT-Dual valve distortion
Amplifier: Vintage British stack (Garageband) – a take on the Marshall Super Lead ‘Plexi’ 1959 50W head and 4 x 12″ cab
Videocam: iMac built-in FaceTime camera
Video editing: iMovie
Year: 2013

I just chose Garageband’s Amp Collection, EQ-d it a tad and used a distortion pedal, with the Tubescreamer as a boost.

As you can see this was a right lazy set up. I was right sleepy when I did this as well. I think I somewhat “nailed” this in two takes. Heh.

I love KOSHI-TANTAN (as much as SCANDAL IN THE HOUSE). I remembered wishing that they’d play this in Singapore. The song’s from the 2010 flick ルー=ガルー 「Loups=Garous」[1] which was just so-so in my books. The song’s a B-side on the Tai Kimi single and is basically about how a girl gets a guy in a no-holds-barred way. Kind of.

The original version has a PV which is basically animation of the band playing their instruments with a bunch of Cantas in the audience. However, I love the live version[2] better. This was them performing at the ANIMAX MUSIX FALL 2010 show at Yokohama Arena. I think this was the video that made me love the missus more than ever.

[1]SCANDAL provided voices (as themselves) in one bit of the film. And CANTA’s in it, too.
[2]There are two ANIMAX live versions, the Spring and Fall 2010 shows. I like the latter better.

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