DOLL 「Band cover」

Guitar: MAMIcaster
Effects: Ibanez TS-9 Tube Screamer, BOSS DD-3 digital delay, LINE6 MM-4 Modulation Modeler, Voodoo Lab Tremolo
Amplifier: Marshall DSL15H 15W head and MX212 2 x 12″ cab

Videocam: GoPro HERO3
Video editing: FCPX
Year: 2017

Not just a band cover, but a weekend cover challenge. Indar asked if any of the SHCB crew was free last weekend, and it culminated into covering Doll in full (both audio and video) by the end of the weekend. Indar was on bass/drum programming again, and this time we had Jana on vocals, and both Rem and I on guitar duties.

On my end, I utilised my effects/miked amp set up down in buangruang. I had also recently acquired a Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 which had its debut on this cover.

On the Marshall, I dialled in what MAMI had on her JCM2000 that was featured in an old 2013 ish of GiGS.

The Marshall was on the Ultra Gain channel, dialled like so:

The MAMIcaster was on the bridge humbuckers, and for the whole of the song I had the TS-9 on, dialled at 12 o’clock as seen below:

Obviously, the TS-9 is not in her arsenal of pedals, but I like the Marshall’s tone to be thickened a tad.

For the end “post-rock” chorus, I had the DD-3 on (see above) which gave it more of a reverb feel, and by the end of the song, both the MM-4 (set on the A/DA flanger) and the tremolo on (intensity, shape and speed all maxed). Ended it on feedback, with guitar leaning on the cab. Heh.

It was all done by nearly 8PM UK time on the Sunday. Not bad for a cover done by people living as far apart as Indonesia, the Philippines, Austria and the UK.

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